Thursday, September 30, 2010

Explaining git

The git parable came to me as something like a revelation.  Reading it makes you think like someone making a version control system.  As you understand the decisions that need to be made, you begin to feel that the decisions that Linus Torvalds made for git are not only sensible, but obvious.   You know that someone has done something right, when they do something new, and you look at it, and think, of course it had to be done that way.  The git parable is a good match for git, because I had the same feeling - of course it had to be explained that way.

Part in poor homage, I tried to do the same thing myself with git foundations.

Good decisions

I found this excellent quote in Tom Preston-Werner's blog:

"Truly good decisions are forged from the furnace of argument, not plucked like daisies from the pasture of a peaceful mind."